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Athletes get the Edge with Pilates Improving their Game

Adding Pilates to sports training helps the body learn to execute moves not only automatically, but with proper biomechanics. Using the core and deeper intrinsic muscles to move the arms and legs can prevent injuries.

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Building a Small Business

Build your brand and stick to it. There will be days when you want to give in, when you start to second guess yourself and wonder if you went about it all wrong. Stick to what you know, your main reason for starting and don’t add what the business around the corner is adding just to compete with them. Instead, be better at what you know, continuously learn about your trade and become the expert you need to be for the best outcome for your clients.

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Pilates and MS

In Pilates you learn to move correctly, with the right muscles, firing at the right time. This helps prevent fatigue (one of the most common symptoms) because you aren’t using more muscles than necessary. We learn to isolate specific muscles and instead of recruiting a whole mass of muscles to do an exercise…

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