Mat Restorative 

Basic level class with attention to neutral spine. Ideal for persons who suffer from varying spine conditions. Integrate core and work the whole body to feel strengthened, lengthened and pain-free.

Mat Foundation

Beginner level class with attention to building the core. Ideal for persons who are new or for anyone who is advanced level to return to foundations. Build, strengthen, feel invigorated.

Mat Integration

Intermediate level class for persons with some level of experience with Pilates who are looking to deepen their understanding of anatomy and srength and how they work in synergy. At this level, the full body is integrated and challenged.

Mat Signature

Advanced level class for persons with a strong understanding of the biomechanics of the body. Control, balance, flow define this class as we take each exercise to a deeper level and you will feel muscles working like you've never felt them before.


Springboard Foundation

Basic level Springboard class for persons who are new to Springboard or who love to return to basics. This equipment is reknown for integrating the limbs into the body, challenging the core and building strength.


Springboard Integration

Intermediate level Springboard class for persons who are familiar with the equipment and who want to take it to a deeper connectionwithin their own "system" (body). Designed to lengthen and strengthen the body using the core as the "powerhouse" to move from.


Springboard Signature

Advanced level Springboard class for persons who are body-aware and familiar with the equipment.  Powerful class design to work the full body and challenge core to limb integration, balance and flow.






Reformer Foundation

Beginner level Reformer class for persons who are new to the equipment or who like to work at a basic integrative level.  Each class will work the full body at a steady pace to allow for each exercise to be executed with precision.


Reformer Integration

Intermediate level Reformer class for persons who are familiar with the equipment. At this level, you will learn to challenge the body with open chain exercises while using your core as a stabilizer.

Reformer Signature

Advanced level Reformer class for persons who have completed the Foundation and Integration levels. Each class will elevate your heart rate, test your endurance and ignite a fire within you.

Reformer Restorative

Therapeutic level Reformer class for persons with spine and/or various joint dysfunctions/conditions. At this level, each exercise is specifically designed to strengthen the core in neutral spine and re-learn how to move the limbs from the center (core).


Reformer Dynamics

Cardio and energy packed Reformer class using the Jumpboard. This class is energetic, invigorating and challenging. This is a full body integrated workout that uses the core and targeted muscles for strengthening and conditioning.




ELDOA™ Foundations

Beginner level Mat ELDOA™. Introduction to ELDOA™ as a movement technique developed by Dr.Guy Voyer, French Osteopath. Each class will introduce specific exercise sequences to create space within the spine, hips and shoulders while helping to prevent/reduce pain in and around thearticulations.





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