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So Much More Than Yoga Pants

There are researchers in the field of movement that study and write thesis assignments based on the work that they do. Movement Specialists, studio owners, teacher training schools read these and create easy to understand programs based on this research to be made available to all Pilates Instructors and movement practitioners. This is called continuing education.

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Pilates Footwork - a healing method

There wasn’t a single time, that after my practice on the reformer that my ailments didn’t disappear. I knew it had to have something to do with the feet. There was a connection with the pressure of the feet and the foot barre of the reformer. That’s how I got interested in Reflexology. 

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What is this thing called the “psoas”

The psoas (pronounced so-az, is a deep muscle that’s part of our core) intricately webs our structural biomechanics and our emotions to form one heck of a powerful piece in our beautiful machine we call the human body.

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