Jocelyne Pelchat 

I am someone who never ceases to learn and to challenge herself. I believe in feeling good on the outside and on the inside, and for me, Pilates is the gateway to doing just that. I have been working with people with varying degrees of pain ranging from disc herniations, stenosis, ankylosing spondylitis, SI-joint dysfunction, arthritis, hip replacements, MS, breast cancer survivors and the list goes on.  I have seen time and time again the miracle of movement help people heal and regain confidence, help recover from aches and pains and it is my own personal reward when I see someone I work with walk out with a renewed kick in their step or a smile on their face. I am a true advocate and my main mission is to share my knowledge with you and help you on this movement journey.

Roles at The Cornerstone Pilates:

Studio Founder, Pilates & ELDOA™ Instructor Groups & Privates, Teacher Trainer                           

Areas of Expertise: 

BODY HARMONICS Pilates Certified Instructor
Movement re-education
Bio-Mechanics & Functional Anatomy Specialist. Post-Rehab Specialist. ELDOA™ Level III                                                

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Anna MacIntosh

I use foundational and functional movement to help you feel and move better. I’m a registered yoga teacher with the Yoga Alliance and I hold additional certifications in Restorative Yoga, ELDOA™ Levels 1 and 2 (The ELDOA Method™), Laynee Restorative Breathing™ Level 1, and a current student of the Katy Bowman Nutritious Movement ™ Restorative Exercise Specialist Program. I hold a background in engineering and learning from various modalities to inform body alignment with the aim to improve movement quality and longevity through life. I have a passion for functional movement, biomechanics, and barefoot walking/transition. In my non-teaching hours, I am studying anatomy and mechanics for the Osteopathic Manual Therapy program, and enjoy setting off into the sunset on my paddle board, or walking barefoot in nature with my partner and my dog. 

Roles at The Cornerstone Pilates:

ELDOA™ Instructor Groups & Privates on demand                          

Areas of Expertise: 

Laynee Restorative Breathing™ Level 1




Caleigh Kierstead

I have always been a big believer in the power of movement. As a former professional ballet dancer I spent many years immersed in it. When deciding to change careers I knew I wanted to stay in the active world and find a way to share my passion with others. Having been introduced to Pilates through dance, I discovered the benefits first hand, from day-to-day wellness to injury prevention and recovery. In 2014, I decided to pursue the training to become an instructor. After completing my first course I knew I had found my calling and over the following year chose to complete my training and dedicate myself to teaching full time. 

I believe in the immense benefits of reconnecting with and restoring balance to your body and I wish to challenge you to see what positive changes it can bring you! 

Roles at The Cornerstone Pilates:                          

Pilates Instructor Groups and Privates

Areas of Expertise:

STOTT Pilates Certified Instructor
STOTT Pilates Injuries & Special Populations


Hélène Reid 

It was in postpartum recovery, with a need to find long-term solution to chronic headaches and back pain, that I discovered Pilates. Pilates allows me to feel better and live better. 

I have always led an active life and thus my passion for movement developed, I taught aerobic and fitness group classes of all styles in Montreal. Following my desire to learn and understand how I could help people enjoy movement, I earned my Degree in Physical Education, with a major in fitness, from McGill University. 

Now with teenagers at home, and after having received my Pilates Teacher Certification, I am continuing my lifelong desire to learn. I look forward to meeting you at The Cornerstone Pilates and to develop positive relationships to help you achieve your goals of health and well-being through Pilates.

Roles at the Cornerstone Pilates:

Pilates Instructor - Group Classes

Area of Expertise:

Balanced Body Pilates Certified Instructor






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